LEAD Consultants and the team are all tertiary qualified in the relevant degree, with a number of affiliations.

Our affiliations include:

The company LEAD Consultants holds the licence class of 'Builder - Project Management Services' with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. This licence allows us and our employees to lawfully act as Superintendents on major construction contracts.

The QBCC supports the growing Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards, and remedies for defective building work.

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Danny Pettiona holds the title of 'Member' with the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS).

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is a professional standards body. Through its leadership, standards and code of ethics, it ensures that practising Quantity Surveyors are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence.

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Members of the LEAD Consultants team hold the title of 'Member' with the Australian Institute of Project Managers (AIPM).

The AIPM is the premier, longest-serving body for project management in Australia. With over 10,000 members, they are recognised by Australian business, industry and government as the key promoter, developer and leader in project management professionalism.

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LEAD Consultants currently holds the title of ‘Consultant / Associate’ member of the Master Builders Association.

Master Builders is the major Australian building and construction industry association. Its primary role is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the building and construction industry and to provide services to members in a broad range of areas including training, legal services, industrial relations, building codes and standards, industry economics and international relations.

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