For Contractors and/or Subcontractors who are in need of assistance with their Contract Administration, Tendering, or Estimating, look no further than LEAD Consultants. As qualified Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and Superintendents, LEAD Consultants has experience acting from all positions of a project. This is a key benefit that allows LEAD Consultants to understand the construction process from both a Client and Contractor point of view.

Contract Administration

All projects require some form of administration, whether it be issuing Progress Claims, Variations or Extensions of Time, or more detailed administration including contract reviews. An overview of the Contract Administration services offered by LEAD Consultants is detailed below:

Through identifying and understanding your project’s risks and developing the best approach to solve for them, LEAD Consultants can successfully mitigate your exposure to risk. Additionally, as qualified Quantity Surveyors, the preparation of Variation submissions, assessing Subcontractor Claims or Subcontractor Tenders can be completed utilising LEAD Consultants' comprehensive knowledge of construction costs.

Tendering & Estimating

As a Contractor you are often exposed to tendering without Subcontractor pricing. This can be a high-risk method of tendering if you do not have a sound understanding of all quantities and associated costs required for the tender submission. Additionally, the day-to-day running of the business may not allow you to prepare tender packages as you would like, in a concise and professional manner.

LEAD Consultants’ experience in measuring, tendering and estimating may be the key to being successful on more tenders. LEAD Consultants utilises leading industry software in the preparation of estimates, with rates and costs coming directly from subcontractors, benchmarking data and relevant publications. LEAD Consultants can provide: