LEAD Consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in the development and construction industry. Inevitably, that knowledge and experience involves disputes. Disputes in the industry may range anywhere from those that arise under Environmental Planning legislation and Local Planning Policy, to those regarding claims for progress payment or defective work. LEAD Consultants can be that critical, first step you take to avoid or settle your dispute.

As members of the industry, LEAD Consultants understands that not every potential dispute requires legal advice and the industry tries to avoid it if possible. Good paperwork, simple negotiation and early Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) are much simpler and cheaper alternatives to litigation; designed to maintain ongoing healthy commercial relationships. Having an independent party to assist in the resolution of contractual disputes is sometimes necessary. LEAD Consultants can provide support through the process and assist in its resolution.

Preparing and submitting your paperwork properly and on time is the key to success. LEAD Consultants' Contract and Claims Management Team assist in identifying and responding to more complex claims such as delay, disruption, prolongation and major variations. LEAD's claim consultants are well versed in preparation of payment claims and payment schedules for the purposes of QLD and NSW Security of Payments.

LEAD Consultants do not provide legal advice; however, if your dispute requires legal advice or evolves into potential litigation, LEAD Consultants has formed integral partnerships with some of Australia's leading law firms who specialise in construction and property law. LEAD Consultants deals only with lawyers who have extensive construction and heavy engineering industry backgrounds and who speak plainly and provide no-nonsense advice in:

When circumstances demand, LEAD Consultants' Contract and Claims Management Team seamlessly engages with lawyers to craft a single cost-effective solution. LEAD Consultants' focus is to keep you out of dispute from the beginning, through diligent contract preparation and contract reviews, which continues into systems of Contracts Administration and Claims Management. If you fall into a dispute that requires legal advice, direct links to preferred legal providers in the construction industry, makes LEAD Consultants your best port of call.